SUZOHAPP Launches VaultConnectTM – Bringing Offline Cash Online

SUZOHAPP introduces VaultConnectTM, the latest addition to the popular CashCompleteTM software solution portfolio. VaultConnectTM brings offline cash storage into full view, allowing users to monitor their true cash positions and incorporate all available cash into daily operations.


Currently, many retailers track funds stored in vaults separately from funds stored in cash recyclers and smart safes. VaultConnectTM allows users to pull all their cash-related data together using the CashCompleteTM Connect platform.


Deposit and withdrawal information for vaults can be entered into any CashCompleteTM On-Device enabled machine, be it a standalone PC, cash recycler, or smart safe. 


Vault data is then available to view in the same way as recycler and smart safe data, clarifying cash positions across units and locations and maximizing the productivity of cash by supporting the daily operations of the business. By extending the visibility of cash, VaultConnectTM improves overall cash management within the organization.


“We have our current CashCompleteTM customers to thank for the advent of VaultConnect?,” says Christoffer Bergman, SUZOHAPP Vice President of Software Engineering. “They asked us to develop a way to account for all their cash within the CashComplete? environment, regardless of where the cash is located. VaultConnectTM is our answer.”