SUZOHAPP at forefront of innovation at the upcoming Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo in Brisbane


The SUZOHAPP team sends out a warm welcome to all attendees of the upcoming AHG Expo, one of the main expos for the hospitality and gaming, clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes and entertainment industries in Australia. The show will take place on the 7th and 8th of March at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC).


SUZOHAPP is focused on creating technology that will lead the gaming industry into the future. At this year’s AHG, SUZOHAPP will show an outstanding innovation– the new PKT (Picture Key Technology) push buttons. This is leading-edge technology in tactile controls, combining SUZOHAPP’s key capabilities in push buttons, displays and RGB LED design to create an innovative all-in-one solution. Through a patented technology, SUZOHAPP enables its clients to bring dynamic content via a highly configurable user interface. Game designers are no longer limited by the user interface and end users now receive eye-popping content through a tactile button, creating a more rewarding and comforting experience.


To be launched at AHG is another of SUZOHAPP’s latest innovations – the SDS-35. This new advanced deposit solution streamlines and automates the cash handling process, storing banknotes effectively and securely in high volume retail environments. The SDS-35 reduces shrinkage and number of touch points in the processing of banknotes. The compact design enables them to be installed directly at the point of sale, such as at a live gaming table or bar or bottle shop cash register.


Cash handling equipment is a prominent offering in the SUZOHAPP portfolio and a broad range of components for manufacturers will be showcased at AHG. These include Comestero coin validators (RM5 HD) and banknote validators (MFL), bill recyclers (Bill-to-Bill) and coin hoppers (Flow and Evolution).


The future of interactive table gaming is called InteractivePro™ Table, the solution which offers a unique 10-point multi-touch experience suitable for a wide range of applications, excellent for television, video and interactive entertainment in bars, casino floors, restaurants and lounges. SUZOHAPP will also show its wall mounted version, the InteractivePro TV, which can host a number of different applications and be used by more than one person at a time to utilize or interact with a system, including video and browser applications.


SUZOHAPP will also highlight the Loyalty Kiosk, integrated with a number of Loyalty system providers and POS companies, and the DisplayPro digital sign, featuring a 42” FHD commercial rated screen which is ideal for visual campaigns, replacing untidy posters and older back light sign boxes. A special focus will be put on the SUZOHAPP range of VisionPro LCD slot machine screens which are available for most EGM models and in a range of sizes.


Finally, SUZOHAPP announced late last year our new partnership with Nanoptix, a global provider of printer technology for the gaming, lottery, kiosk, POS and amusement markets. AHG will be our first Australian expo showcasing some of Nanoptix’s range including the PayCheck NextGen, PayCheck 4 and PayCheck Terminal printers. We are very excited to showcase these products for the first time.


We look forward to welcoming everyone at Stand 260.