SUZOHAPP CashComplete™ SDS-35, the compact loss prevention solution


Cashflow is a daily part of any retail business and cash handling is one of the most labour-intensive tasks. It can bring several challenges that have to be managed effectively. Retailers can take advantage of SUZOHAPP’s automated cash management technology to optimize their cash deposit process and increase operational efficiency, while maximizing profitability.


The new solution from SUZOHAPP is the CashComplete™ SDS-35, a high performing Smart Deposit System which validates, stores and secures banknotes effectively in high volume retail and POS environments. It represents a cost-effective method of increasing revenue by improving accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection for a complete transformation of cash management. The CashComplete™ SDS-35 is an ideal solution to cut the costs of cash handling through internal optimization, as well as CIT pick-ups and deliveries. Whether for end-of-shift takings or note overflow directly at the till during shift, the CashComplete™ SDS-35 provides outstanding benefits:


Instantly secures cash at the point of sale

SDS-35 is a high performing loss prevention solution which securely stores banknotes from the till and prevents acceptance of counterfeit notes, due to the MFL banknote reader which ensures that only valid notes are accepted


Prevents shrinkage and optimizes end of shift reconciliation

SDS-35 avoids counting inaccuracies and it minimises the threat of theft by decreasing the number of touch points in the processing of banknotes


Protects employees and reduces time spent counting cash

SDS-35 cuts the time spent working with cash, reducing the number of cash-related procedures and limits the number of people required to be involved in cash processes – Compact size


one of the smallest solutions on the market

Designed to be placed under the desk at the point of sale in any retail store, SDS-35 is less than 45 cm tall, weighing only 22 kg


Full financial control for complete and instant visibility of the cash cycle

SDS-35 is connected to the cloud-based CashComplete™ Connect software, a revolutionary management platform which allows retailers to monitor cash and generate accurate tailored reporting


“How much time does your staff spend counting cash? Automated cash management can help cut costs through more efficient processes,” stated Alexander Bucur, Vice President Global Product Management. “We invite retailers to see a live demonstration of the SDS-35 to discover how it can improve productivity and give multiple levels of additional security at their point of sale.”


For more information about the new CashComplete™ SDS-35, please contact the SUZOHAPP team on 1300 00 SUZO