From concept to realisation, SUZOHAPP Asia prides itself on delivering uniquely-designed technological solutions and rapid prototyping for the Gaming, Wagering, POS and Ticketing industries. Our range of products includes;


*Display Audit Devices (DAD)
*Chip Dispensing Machines (CDM)
*Table Counters (including the NC-1500)
*Interactive Pro Technology
*Signage Solutions


Driven by vision and a passion for innovation, our expert team will help you visualise, design, manufacture and implement creative automated customer service solutions for your specific industrial design requirements.


If you have a need, we find a way.


We provide design services in the areas of;


*Custom Production
*Software Development for Hardware
*Embedded Software Development
*Applications and Interfaces
*Proof of Concept
*Reverse Engineering
*Technical Consultation
*Project Management
*Software and Hardware Upgrades
*Surveillance Technology



Our expert technicians manufacture premium products from the initial assembly point through to rolling out high-performance products that match your exact specifications, including LCD’s for retrofitting, betting terminals and kiosks.



Popular retrofit technology is essential to boosting the lifespan and functionality of older equipment. Our innovative actively develop specific and universal retrofit hardware modules to extend product life and standardise product ranges.

From the general appearance to the internal functioning, retrofit restores long-term viability to aging equipment and reduces ongoing cost of ownership.

We model our service expertise to produce reliable and easy to service upgrades.


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