The new InteractivePro™ Table offers a unique 10-point multi-touch experience suitable for a wide range of applications, excellent for television, video and interactive entertainment in bars, casino floors, hotel suites, restaurants and lounges.

Each IPT operates with the proprietary InteractiveProVision™ Platform and Application that allows up to four user screens at the same time. The IPT comes in three configuration models which are bar, lounge and dining height. All are manufactured from industrial grade components, ensuring high reliability and suitability to withstand harsh public environments.


The InteractivePro™ Table was originally developed for the Australian sports betting and wagering market, allowing its players to watch sports and access their betting account while at the IPT. Since its inception the table has evolved to a more sophisticated interactive entertainment product. To find out more go to:

SHIFT Interactive Website

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Customers give InteractivePro Table a spin at MGM Resorts Properties
Interactive Pro Table
InteractivePro™ Table Version 2.0
InteractivePro™ Table Version 2.0