On December 30, 2013, SuzoHapp completed the acquisition of the Currenza C2 coin recycler for the European marketplace and the Bill-to-Bill™ banknote recycler for the global marketplace.

SuzoHapp continues the tradition of excellence that global payment acceptance operators have come to expect and appreciate from these products.

The SuzoHapp technical support team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the operation and maintenance of Bill-to-Bill™, MFL, and C2 validators.

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SuzoHapp acquired ComesteroGroup in 2014. ComesteroGroup is a leading company in the supply of payment systems and self-service equipment.

Founded in Italy during the 1970’s, the company quickly became international with branches in France, Poland and Argentina.

The wide and articulated product range includes coin and banknote validators, cashless payment systems, coin/banknote change machines, car wash start systems, cash points and coin and banknote counters.

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SCAN COIN’s Intelligent Coin Processing (ICP) Products are the industry standard for cash centers with the highest throughput per shift in the industry.  The company’s full line of Retail Cash Solutions (RCS) are fully automated with integrated software that provides till management and cash office processing, enabling retailers to achieve significant labor efficiencies and reduce shrinkage.  This flexible and innovative solution portfolio has enabled SCAN COIN to achieve the European market leading position in retail back office.

Founded in 1966, SCAN COIN is one of today’s leading suppliers of cash processing equipment, system solutions and services.  Its worldwide customer base is served through a network of SCAN COIN companies and distribution partners covering more than 100 countries. SCAN COIN develops, manufactures and markets equipment and integrated solutions for handling bank notes and coins, and has become a world leader in the automated cash processing market.


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Cash Management – Eliminate all daily tasks from counting, managing till content, reconciliation and reporting each location’s cash, which allows the organization’s staff to be deployed into higher value activities.

Increase Efficiency – CashCompleteTM software is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash. Our solution is easily and efficiently managed by local, regional, and corporate personnel.

Complete Security – Protect your investment in more ways than one! Secured system cash transactions and increased employee safety giving peace of mind throughout your business.

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SUZOHAPP APA has key Partnerships and In-House Developed Peripheral Equipment for supply to the Gaming, Vending and Amusement Markets.  Key Peripherals include  SUZOHAPP’s Vision Pro LCD Supply with local assembly provided in Australia & Asia allowing SUZOHAPP APA to provide high quality products at competitive pricing.  Other peripheral equipment supply including Bill Validators, Locks & Coin Handling equipment. No matter what your requirement SUZOHAPP APA have quality products and deliver quality solutions.



Nanoptix has over twenty years of experience in printing technology and has earned a reputation of excellent value and outstanding customer support, with superior technology at a very competitive price. With strong experience and top quality innovative solutions SUZOHAPP is proud to be an exclusive distributer.

SUZOHAPP Australia distributes Nanoptix Printers across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.