Introducing the SDS-35 Smart Deposit Solution

The CashCompleteTM SDS-35 Smart Deposit Solution improves accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection for a complete transformation of your cash management. The SDS-35 is the ideal solution for businesses where cash volume, security and handling takes up a significant amount of staff and time.


Utilizing the proven SUZOHAPP MFL bill validator, the SDS-35 reduces shrinkage, which is the loss of cash due to hazards such as theft, accounting errors, and accepting counterfeit notes. Integrating the CashCompleteTM SDS-35 at the point of sale (POS) will streamline your cash counting process by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints and immediately securing your cash.


Reduce Time Spent Counting Cash

Real-time reporting provides exact counts of all deposits


Increase Accountability
Monitor deposits and pickups on CashCompleteTM On-Device Software with unique user logins


Automate Processing

Prevent counting errors of your cash inventory


Prevent Counterfeits
Instantly and easily validate notes with our MFL’s 4-way read capability



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