Cash Handling & Technology

Many cash handling operators have in place procedures to assist staff with their physical cash handling operation. Unfortunately, physical methods used to count, transfer and deposit cash are actively exposed to costly errors, such as theft, accounting mistakes, and counterfeit notes.

It is good practice to forge robust internal control of cash handling procedures aimed at minimising cash handling risks yet maximising cash profits. These risks can be mitigated with the integration of cash handling technology to automate cash handling procedures.


With the automation technology available today, it is now possible to track and observe your cash using cash handling technologies both on site and remotely. 


SUZOHAPP offer a wide and comprehensive range of products to strengthen your cash handling procedures through cash automation. We have a collection of cash handling products and software to complement front office, back office and self-service systems.



You will find that SUZOHAPP has a product to automate each cash handling tasks usually performed manually.